Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I hate peeps! They are gross! People give them to me every year, but usually they end up in the microwave or hiding in my cubbard. I found some once that were a year old, they don't last forever like Twinkies, they turn into rocks! When I eat one, part of me dies.

I went to a bridal convention Sunday with my friends who are getting married. We were joking that it was going to turn into that horrible Sailor Moon episode and that the Negaverse villians would be there to drain our energy. The convention was pretty horrible. Ugly wedding dresses, bad dj's, bad wedding photographers, and no Tuxedo Mask in sight. It was still a fun day though.
Here is that particular Sailor Moon episode by the way, in all it's horrible English dubbed glory:
Wedding Day Blues pt. 1

I am doing some fun freelance. Five year old Brianne is very happy.

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