Tuesday, February 12, 2008

That day with the hearts, chocolates, roses, and diseases...

This is poo poo.

Things that happened last three weeks.
1. Lost a whole week of doing freelance from horrible obnoxious chest cold. Still sound like the coughing lady from "Mad TV". Got to watch season 2 of "Avatar" though, slept alot. Not a complete waste.
2. Apartment manager remodeled my bathroom. Lost half a week of that 'cause apartment was full of cancerous fumes.
3. Someone may have been trying to steal my lowbeams off my car. Spending tomorrow getting that fixed.
4. Crashed the Annies. Drank their wine, ate their food, and watched their cartoons. Left before the three bears showed up.
5. Had dinner with friends last night. Britney Spear's paparazzi boyfriend was sitting behind us being an ass, so we got no service. What a bunghole. Stop ruining good restuarants!
6. Finished my freelance list plus some. If you haven't gotten stuff yet, give me until midnight. SRSLY.

7. Jeaux over at Frederator emailed me to submit something for their current contest. Had less than a day to animate something. Here is the development art and film. Go here to see the rest of the submitions and vote for who will win a PINK Nintendo DS.... >:D

Watered down monkeys... "Sweet Monkey Love"

Find more videos like this on Channel Frederator RAW
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