Monday, February 18, 2008

Alabaster 2.0

Saturday was crazy!!
I got to go to a birthday/going away party, but two of my friends got engaged before the party so at dinner there was alot of free ice cream and the restuarant made them wear funny hats! I took photos of the people wearing the hats, but if I posted them they wouldn't be my friends anymore. Everyone is becoming an adult. WOW! It's weird I've known these people for at least ten years, when we would have NERF wars, stay up all night in the computer lab trying not to cry, getting lost in LA.... times haven't changed much. Maybe they aren't adults, yet.

Someone emailed me wanting an Alabaster drawing. So here is some weirdness 'cause I didn't reference the old drawing like I should have.

Went and saw "Cloverfield" Saturday too. I think the monster's name should be "Cookie Pie". He should have also looked like a giant cookie/pie ice cream eared puppy monster. Alabaster isn't the smartest cookie it seems.

If Cookie Pie bites her, she's totally going to 'splode. Lactose intolerance.
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