Wednesday, August 01, 2007

You got 400 xp, -300 gp, -1000hp, zombified!

Other than being attacked by a small Naruto child with a packet of mustard in the hallway, and the insane crowds, I actually had alot of fun. I met alot of nice people, phenomenal artists, and just enjoyed being somewhere other than LA. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who gave me signings and doodles, I wish I could scan them all in. My brain is currently regenerating, but I think it was worth it. Sorry to anyone I missed, it was so huge, and people weren't always at their booths, but you have to go to the bathroom and shower sometime. So, GOOD JOB! Anyways...
Here are the photos of Comic Con 2007, that have nothing to do with comics, but alot of toys and stuff that doesn't make sense to anyone.
The Pop Culture Con

I went and saw "The Labyrinth" Monday night, and then picked a friend up from the airport tonight. We went to dinner and I draw. brain is still not working.

****Happy Berfday Poopface. Here is a video for u. What you missed this weekend.
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