Monday, August 06, 2007

Snow Lady VS. the Last Ninja

...and the winner is.......Snow Lady!
Silly ninjas, they did not factor in that they were fighting in an all white snow field, and they are dressed in black. They could not hide from the crazy yuki_onna.

This is for "The Ninja Show #2", Aug. 11, 6pm-11pm. It's due today, yeah, nothing like turning something in last minute. Yippie for busy/anxiety. It's really hard to think of something to do with ninjas, it feels like everything has been done already. Maybe it is burnout. So I took the easy way out. Eh. The paper is buckled, that's why there are some weird dark blotches on the scan.

My friend the Boogervampire and her boifran painted a guitar! I think it's pretty cool! It's going to be at the show too. Guitars are cool.

Time for bed.
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