Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yay! It's Friday!!! YAAAAY!!!

Been feeling a bit uninspired this week, so here's some old stuff that was in a cartoon that was on tv a few months ago, in a far away land.
I think this was an episode where Cyborg was going to make three meat chili for Titans East or something. I have the memory of a goldfish so I can't remember exactly which episode. I tried to make a background for them so I could put it in my portfolio.
These forest creatures where in "Mother May-Eye", chilling ontop of a gingerbread house. The bunny was inspired by a Scooter Tidwell storyboard sketch. The deer was inspired by this fetus looking faun in the "Herself the Elf" pilot from eons ago.

And since it's Friday, here are some relaxing photos of cats and balloons with soothing music for all to enjoy.
Relax and enjoy.
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