Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Favoritest video game ever!

This was my most favorite video game in junior high. It's like a girlie Legend of Zelda, but the characters in it were just so cool. Plus, it was multi-player, so my little brother and I could play at the same time and figure out puzzles together. We named the characters after the Three Stooges. This trailer looks like it might be a remake, but I will probably get a DS now. I used to play videogames alot, but kinda stopped during college 'cause I didn't, and still don't, have the time.
Here's a really bad sketch I did real quick of the dragon that would fly you around the world in the old "Secret of Mana". His english name was pretty stupid, so I don't want to type it. His eyes are dumb looking here. I will try to draw a nicer drawing later.

Here are some links to more videos/commercials for the game, for those that are interested.
Children of Mana commercial one
Children of Mana commercial two
I would like to work on a Mana cartoon. I am a nerd.
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