Thursday, March 23, 2006

gallery stuff online YAYZZ!!!!1111!!

The Unicorn Show is online here for anyone who wanted to go and couldn't make it. There was alot of great art on the walls, and it was neat to see everyone's take on it. Also thanks to those who made it. It was raining and icky, plus the freeways were all backed up too. Anyone who bought my pieces, please email me so I can thank you! .
Here is a color copy of the rough for the big piece, I cleaned it up a bit more than this and then transferred it to posterboard. It's probably not the best way to work, it came out kinda stiff. The blue unicorn is Unico, one of my favorite cartoons growing up.

Here is an evil ballet dancer. Just 'cause. I think her shoes must hurt or something.
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