Thursday, January 19, 2006

fuddle duddles

Just finished doing a boat load of freelance (there are some tweaks left to do), and this should be my last weekend of unemployment for awhile (fingers crossed). I am supposed to start a new job Monday, but have been doing freelance for zat place the last few weeks. When I was in there last Monday, the tv in the lobby was playing the premiere of the last episode of Teen Titans, called "Things Change". Which they do, things are never placid, so people have to be flexible. I really enjoyed working at my last job and feel very fortunate to have been a part of that, but now I must venture into new and exciting waters. The new place has friendly faces, so it will be good. So here be a few sketches unrelated to work.
Uhhhhhhhhhh.......some mucky stuff going on up in here, should probably try working with some better light.
I was watching some movies while I was working on freelance. I was watching/listening "Down with Love", it's pretty cheesy, but some of the costumes were cool.
I was also watching "Princess Tutu". Don't laugh, the story is really good, and pulls alot from classical music, ballet, and fairy tales. It's shojo, so I don't know if I'd recommend it to guys, but it starts getting dark around the sixth episode or so. I watched "The Point" this weekend too, I am happy it is on dvd finally.
Also, thanks John Nevarez for the plug, and links to many awe-inspiring blogs and websites!! :D
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