Thursday, January 26, 2006

Art shows for Saturday night

I want to post more drawings, but that may have to wait a bit. But here are some art shows I wanted to post before I forgot, so people could actually go if they wanted too. I want to go to both, but they are going on at the same time. RRrrrghhh!!! Stoopid LA.
First, Elizabeth Ito is having a show at Storyopolis on Ventura Blvd. this Saturday. It will contain her monsters, including Mr. Monster. There will be other artists showing there as well, Chris Robertson and Dan Santat. It's a childrens' book gallery/store, and the artists showing will sure have some neat stuff.

The other show is at Robokon in China Town Saturday night also. The artist is Mizna Wada. She will have some tricked out dolls, posters, and clothing, with a taste for the macabe at her show. Chu-hui gave me an awesome stationary book with her illustrations it, they are creepy good. It's her first show in the US, sounds koo...

Aaaahh!! There are so many blogs!! David Colman crazy animal artist and more! An old college classmate who draws cute little kids and animates like a crazy man, Chris Chua. Monica, a CSSSA friend from long ago, who has natural animation talent, and a cute bouncing baby boy!
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