Sunday, July 31, 2005

Thar be radio!

This image has nothing to do with this post. Other than crustaceans are cool.

There should be a little blue-ish radio player on the right, under the links. Click a song(some are obnoxious on purpose, but I love them!) to play it. Also, I still have not developed photos, but I shall go to Target during lunch tomorrow and "git her done".
I saw a Ray Harryhausen gallery/signing by the man himself, along with a small film festival of the man's work. I went with Valerie. We had italian ice and sushi. There were many cute little puppies being walked. The screening was at the Aero, somewhere in Santa Monica. We saw "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad" (which I remember watching for the first time in Mr.Graber's 7th grade art class) and "Man in the Moon". The latter was amazing and hilarious. The main character is this big british jerk, who's sole intent is to blow the heads off of martians with his giant elephant gun, which was given to him by an american country bumpkin gal. The whole movie is built for the one sentence punchline at the end of the movie. It is a funny "War of the Worlds". I recommend it. Also there are giant catipillar bugs like in Nausicca, who happen to have skeletons like mammals. How can you not like it?
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