Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Comic Convicts!!

We just got back from Comic con San Diego Sunday night. It was a very fun weekend. Other than looking for the Wendy's that only exists in Kendra's mind. I vow next time we go there we will find it!! We went down to SD Saturday morning. Little blue car did good. The weather was great too! Overcast and dreary, just how I likes it! When we got there, it was packed and crowded. We ran into Abby and Larry, they were already glazed over. I bought a lot of books, but as of today, I've read almost all of them. I saved Mark Andrews behemoth "Colossus" for last. I found an ugly tennis player Monchichi, a stuffed Yoshi, and these awesome witch girl keychains! And some b-day presents for my little brother, who isn't that little anymore. :( Booths we were able to stop at (I know we probably missed alot of wonderful stuff) Nucleus, Flight, Emeryville Press, Stuart Ng, Bandai, Hasbro, James Baker, some anime booths, we met some some artists from Happy Tree Friends and EA who were sharing a booth. Very pleasant people. Saturday night we stayed at the Sheraton. They gave us the handicapped room, which was cool 'cause the bathroom was huge and had metal bars in the tub and shower. We went to a club calle Onyx. Warner's people and their buddies get in free, but there wasn't a whole lot of people there. So we left. Blah. We went to an Irish pub and listened to a one man band. He was very talented. Then we walked back the apartment. Went to con the next morning, had lunch with the Valerie. We stopped at Old Town San Diego on the way home and everything was good. Whew!! Photos will be up when I get the camera developed. I need a new camera. That may be one of my errands this weekend.
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