Monday, January 27, 2014


"Sentinel's No Good Very Bad Day"

I've been fighting a really nasty cold all week so not a lot of art.  I've just been sleeping and drinking a lot of orange juice.

Art from last week, before current gross cold week.

Cartoon Network started replaying the Amethyst shorts during the weekend. I think they've gotten thru short 4 so far.  Reruns are normal, just a bit surprised these are airing again. Seems like there should be two more weekends of these to go.
The karaoke room is based on MAX Karaoke in Los Angeles.  I go with friends there A LOT, even had some birthday and bachelorette parties there!  


This is going to happen in upcoming Harpy comic

repotted some little plants

These are most of my sketchbooks from the past two years.  Full of art and stories unused.

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