Thursday, August 08, 2013

Cartoons are stupid

Someone on Tumblr asked me about pitching cartoons.  I've only had one pitch amount to anything, so guess that's like winning the lottery?  The chances of it happening again are fairly abysmal.  It seems depressing, but it's more just a check off of the bucket list.

Here's a link to my answer, for those interested.  Aliki liked my answer, and she knows her stuff!  Thanks Aliki!
Dr. Lollipop, from Kelly Martin's upcoming Cartoon Hangover short

This is the last month of Annoying Princess Drawings  
Here's some old stuff, like the kids' say, "Throwback Thursday"

This short re-airs on DC Nation this Saturday.  Or you can go on youtube and watch all of them in full. DC Comics put them all on their channel.

This stuff ties into the pitching theme today!  Here is the quick drawing from the original pitch!

Originally it was pitched in four separate segments, thinking that if I was lucky they'd pick one idea. 
 I like to have at least one sketch for any story idea that's being presented.  Not sure if it's a crutch, but since animation is a visual medium, it probably didn't hurt. 
It ended up being all four were approved, along with coming up with a few more ideas to tie it all together.

Here's some quick sketches trying to figure out designs for storyboard handout.  The process was fast, so the designs were finalized during the storyboard phase.  

 Since the shorts are connected, made a few of these so everyone working on them knew what was going

Here are the finals for this ugly baby.
Size Comp


Old baby theory drawing for a friend, from another project.  Lots of cartoon babies last year.

Robot babies from Scooby Doo Mystery Inc.  
That's it for all the babies in this post.

Princess Batman of Gemworld

Pig and Pew
Life never stinks when you're a pig with a friend like Pew

Hamster poop

Have some Avengers.  BYE!

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