Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Comic Con Break

Big Ol' after Comic Con San Diego post

A Kiki commission I finally finished during the convention.  I didn't have a scanner, so took a photo with my phone.  Came out ok.

Hula girl commissions.

Stuff I had at the Womanthology table, really nice of them to let me be part of their table during con.  Nice ladies!

A lot of cool people came by, anyone who picked up a book got a quick sketch of their choice!
There's a few sketch card commissions in here too.

A little girl who wanted a Taffy sketch.

Sketch stickers on the inside of my sketchbooks.  It's now available at www.stuartngbooks.com

Kid wanted her doing something "girly".  Asking what that meant, she wanted Amy reading a story to a cat.   Seems like a healthy habit!

 X-men cake, seen at Heavenly Cupcakes in the gaslamp district.  Phoenix would like Wolverine and Cyclops to please knock it off.

 I picked up the Supergirl from the Pullip booth, and had a nice chat with the guy running it.  He gave me a free Pullip costume book.  THANK YOU! <3

 Mini Australian Shepard service dog looking thru the silver age comic books.  What a good puppy!

 Some dudes while getting the oil changed in my car.

Fun sketches with http://sen1227.tumblr.com/ .  We ate some good pizza, but the restaurant  was really loud and crowded!

This happened to be playing when I walked thru the DC booth.  Looks familiar :)

(of course I can't find the clean final board...)

The fourth Amethyst short airs again this weekend.  Here's some quick sketches I handed to Christie Tseng.  The drawings are kinda poop, but it was just to show some facial expressions.

Kittens are horrible pilots.

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