Monday, November 05, 2012

The Pegasus Effect

My parents visited me this past week.  We went to a friend's Halloween wedding, California Adventure, Griffith Observatory, and saw a few movies!  My mom sent me this horoscope.  What is The Pegasus Effect?!
 <--------  ?????
Movies we saw, Frankenweenie.  

Wreck-it Ralph.

Both were really fun!  It's been a great fall for animated movies.  Paranorman may still be my favorite though, it's a tough call! 

Cat in a Basket

Thumbnail from a project I'm working on...

Chicken Scratch!


tom said...

Hey PFG, random comment. But have you ever seen the anime Kaiba? I reckon you would like it

Riley MacGregor said...

I think the Pegasus Effect is when you visit an observatory on Hallow'een and then wake up the next morning with a pair of wings tattooed on your back. Just guessin'...