Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stomach Cancer Awareness

A good friend from high school passed away yesterday, after a very aggressive fight with stomach cancer.  One of her requests was that her friends put out word that November is Stomach Cancer Awareness month.

Marta was diagnosed early this year, and she decided to blog about her experience.  Since I knew her in school, she has always been a cheerful person, very outgoing, and with a positive attitude.  During high school, I kept my head down, and tried not to draw attention to myself, but Marta was so friendly.  She was a cheerleader, and that seemed appropriate with her enthusiasm for the people lucky to know her.  She was friends with everyone, regardless of background.  It really left an impression on me.

We found each other again online a few years ago, sharing photos of cute cats, and the little incidents of our lives.

It was a shock when someone like her, so young, starting a new career, would now have to deal with such a horrible disease.  She was very brave, and with all the odds against her, she still smiled.  Everyday is precious, and the best way to honor her and others who've also had to fight so hard, is to remember that, and remember how lucky we are.

I'm glad that she was able to go home and be with her family and kitties, and share moments with her siblings.  I know she was happy, and the sun was warm and shining today.  So happily I remember my friend and all that she showed us.

You have relief Marta.  May we see each other again and thank you for sharing your happy spirit!
Marta's kitties, Molly and Dash.
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