Sunday, November 06, 2011

Topsy Turvey

Anyone going to CTN Animation Expo in Burbank, CA in a couple of weeks?  I'll be sharing a table with Steph Laberis!  Our table T-81.
We will also have a sketchbook available, half will be Steph's doodles and creations, and the other half will be stuff I have drawn.  It'll include a couple of pages of a project I pitched a few years ago, among Banana Cats, Tricky witches, and unicorns.  
Stuart Ng will be carrying "Billie the Unicorn", so if anyone is still curious to pick up a copy, or if you have an old copy you want signed, please bring it by!  I'll have some prints available too!

The other news is that everyone should watch the Green Lantern premiere on Cartoon Network this coming Friday, Nov. 11th.  I did not work on that show, but the illustrious Thomas Perkins did contribute to designs, among many other lovely people I owe my first born too.
I animated three seconds of a commercial that'll be airing inbetween that block, so watch to see what it could be!  WATCH TWO HOURS OF CARTOONS TO SEE 3 SECONDS OF ANIMATION.  HAHAHAHA!

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