Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011 Comic Con San Diego Schedule with Sprinkles!

I will be there, having fun with friends.  I'll be updating this post with any new info between now and then.  :)

San Diego Comic Con Schedule!

Saturday, July 25
4:00-5:00   How to Create a Children's BookBrianne Drouhard (Billie the Unicorn), Mike Collins (Monster Mythos), Erich Haeger (Rosita Y Conchita), Beth Sleven(Cryptid Case Files), and Steph Laberis (Ghost Chef) discuss the process of creating a children's book from scratch. Topics include designing a character and its world, choosing illustration materials, and creating a story. The panel participants have backgrounds in animation and gaming and will discuss how this influences their art. Development art will be presented, followed by Q&A. Room 30CDE 

UPDATE!:  I'll be signing books at the Hard Eight booth #1802, Saturday after the panel at 5pm. Thanks so much Erich Haeger and the rest of you Hard Eight guys!

Sunday, July 24
1:00-2:00   The New Wave of Children's Books — Artists/creators Attaboy (You Might Be a Monster & Other Stories...), James Kochalka (Johnny Boo), Ragnar (Got Your Nose), Rhode Montijo (Cloud Boy), and Brianne Drouhard (Billie the Unicorn) discuss the exciting new wave of innovative books for kids (and the rest of us!).  Moderated by Bob Self (Baby Tatto Books).  Room 24ABC


Tr!ckster Schedule!

Sunday, July 24
10:00am-12:00   Billie the Unicorn book signing

Tr!ckster will be held across the street from Comic Con at the San Diego Wine and Culinary Center, 200 Harbor Drive, Suite 120.

I'm planning on hanging around there Friday at 3pm, and Saturday afternoon before the panel, for  anyone who would like a signed book.  Tr!ckster will have Billie available in their pop up store during the convention.  I'm very thankful they are willing to carry it and to let me sign!  Also really excited to be on a panel with some good friends!

The "Girls Drawing Girls IV:  The Way Nature Made Her" will be available at their booth, #5628, and I had a lucky chance to draw a page for that.  Looks like it'll be a beautiful book!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our panel at Anime Expo last weekend!  I also met a nice lass named Katie who beat me at Rock, Paper, Scissors.  She won the gift bag at the panel!
(and I totally saw people in the audience trying to cheat!  HA HA!! XD )


Jake Bright said...

Are you gonna have an artist corner?

Mirelmture said...

It was a fun panel. The original piece reminds me of a dance recital I was in when I was 4. My cousin and I did a tap and routine and sang to "Catch A Falling Star". :D

Ashleymarie Sey said...

How fun! I wish I could make it to your panels! They are exactly what I wanted to hear! However, I can't make it to Comic Con this year due to baby due date... gah! Nice planning on my part. lol :-p

potato farm girl said...

Jake- I won't be at a table. Was unable to find the space, and I think the waiting list for SDCC is four years long?! If you want anything signed, I'll be hanging around Trickster Friday and Sunday at least, especially Sunday morning at 10am on my signing.

Mirelmture- Whoa! What a co-inky dink!

Ashleymarie- Congrats on your impending baby! May your labor be short, and your nap after be sweet!

Carrie Liao said...

Oh man, I love that Ivy drawing so so much! Your work is always inspiring :)

Riley MacGregor said...

All the best with all that panelling and wheeling and dealing and what not! (PS - your capacity to withstand all those free flying hormonal substances is truly remarkable...)

potato farm girl said...

Carrie- Thank you! I love your pineapple avatar. Pineapple love!

Riley- I'm afraid I've developed an immunity to nerd sweat. <3