Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Avenger Time Summer Time!

Happy Summertime!
I'm going to be at the Los Angeles Anime Expo this Saturday on a panel. The subject is working in american TV animation. Come by if you need a rest and want to learn about not sleeping.

July 2nd
Time: 5pm
Room: WS 2

"Getting into the Animation Industry"

Will Feng- Production Manager Thundercats
George Krstic- Creator, Writer Megas XLR, Motor City
Brianne Drouhard- Character Designer Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated, Avengers
Alan Wan- Director, Storyboard Artist (on too many shows)
Mark Fujita- Assistant production manager Green Lantern CG series

(posted for Tara before I ruin the sketch on the left)

Thank you again for everyone who came out to Stuart's this past weekend or ordered a book online! Stuart Ng's bookstore is a must stop for anyone interested in art and illustration!

So "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes", or "Avenger's Heroes", or whatever it's called now started airing again. Here are some models I drew under the cut, for spoilers. I had the chance to draw a ton of models for season two. This is just the first of it.
Serpent Society. They are a society of people serpents. They are very fancy!

Malekith. During the many sleepless nights and late hours last spring, I had devised a buddy comedy show with Malekith and Anaconda. Maybe someday I will draw it. It was going to be called "The Malekith & Magic Raptor Pancake Hour". All Malekith wants to do is sleep in his cave on top of the Casket of Ancient Winters. It would sell a million toys and t-shirts.
Malekith is angry about something again. What else is new?

Bro Elves just hanging out, killing Orcs and stuff.

Pegasus, this model is what caused me to draw this. I have wing poses somewhere, but looks like the studio overseas didn't follow them anyway. :/
Jörmungandr, the snake monster that's going to eat Thor someday. *NOM* *NOM*
Karnilla being evil and a lady.

Karnilla turned to stone, special pose, from the storyboard. Cleaning it up and putting it on model.
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