Monday, February 08, 2010

Romance and Hotdogs

Since this is the week of romance and I forgot to draw anything anti-romantic, here is something old.
It is from the year 2000, and involves romance, hotdogs, and a date at the movies. It was drawn in pencil and crayon (oh I thought I was being a clever 19 year old! Ha.) It is horrible, horrible, horrible, but appropriate for Valentine's Day!

I tried looking for my old storyboards and sketches, but thankfully they are mostly hidden away in a dark basement in Washington State. I found some xeroxes.
A drawing full of tangents!!

Hamsters drawn on a Wendy's napkin!!

A calendar I made for myself and friends so we'd get our films turned in on time! (I totally finished on the 15th, but worked thru spring break missing a trip to Japan. Stupid, stupid!)

The film was colored with crayons I stole from restaurants in Valencia, CA. Mostly the macaroni and cheese crayola. I got this one when a bunch of us went to Macaroni Grill for Easter. They have fancy crayolas there. And diarrhea.

I kept them in this fancy Elmo tin my Grandma Pat had sent me full of cookies!

I had to pull the film from an old VHS. I'm pretty sure my Jaz drive still works, I dropped the stupid thing down the stairs multiple times. I think it's a vampire. Alot of people had to buy multiple drives because they kept dying. Even if mine still works, the technology is outdated. I don't know how to get the files off, they're Targa anyway. The CD I had of everything burned on just confuses my computers. I have a couple of DVD rams sitting around too. Hate those things

Here is my stupid maquette I made in Ranjo's class. It is dirty.

Skippy finds him delicious.

My sophomore year, one of the seniors was leaving fake tickets for people on their desks. I found this with all my crappy xeroxes.

Current stuffs. Been drawing mostly large muscled men at work, so I don't feel too bad about doodling a bunch of stupid girls.

I drew the angel in the middle while listening to Origa's version of "There Must be an Angel"
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