Sunday, February 14, 2010

A dog's lucky day!

I thought of a whole little story that would go with this drawing, but it would be awhile till I had time to do anything with it. It's stupid anyways.

Award designed by Strawberry Lemonade!

So Mr. Chris Battle has tagged me for a Kreative Blogger award, which is silly, but a good way to pimp out some friends!
In turn, I have to nominate seven other bloggers, and then list seven weird things about myself. So here goes:

In no particular order:

1. Mary Hoffman, an old friend, who has a cute creepy Esty shop! I have a few of her paintings and a cupcake monster cell phone charm!
2. Miss Withers has been making some interesting paper art lately. I also like how she draws scary pigs. She also has an Etsy shop!
3. Steph Laberis creates artwork for your favorite Facebook and XBox games!
4.Mindy Lee. Words fail me.
5. Thomas Perkins. I work with this dude! He's awesome!
6.Jason Jones. He probably doesn't realize it, but even though we were college buddies, he taught me ALOT about animating! He draws some sweet portraits.
7. Frank Weber draws some good robots!

I have some creepy friends! :O
Now seven useless things about me.

1. I use the mouse backwards. Everyone who uses the computer after me hates me when I do this.
2. Eyeballs creep me out.
3. I wanted to be either a marine biologist or an animator when I was little. Then I realized that drawing dolphins was pretty fun, and that took care of that decision.
4. I used to teach pottery classes to grade schoolers when I was in high school.
5. My Dad really does grow potatoes for a living.
6. I'm mildly allergic to cats, but I don't care.
7. I didn't realize Walt Disney was dead until I was about 10. I'm still stupid.

Oh, real quick! I've been listening to Eisley again. Every song they sing is lovely.

Got some nice happy fanart from!
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