Monday, July 13, 2009


Here are some ponies I drew back in 2006 for whatever reason. It is hard to make them not look like Miss Piggy. :(

I had baby Glory. She was stolen when I brought her to school in the 1st grade. At the time she was my favorite pony, and I found out later that my college friends also have stories about how they lost the same pony too. One lost her in a fire, and one was given away without her consent. Glory is a fated pony.

Yay Spike!

I did these yesterday, looking at the old drawings made me want to make more. Sorry the digital one is really weird.

I still have Applejack, Firefly, and Spike. They are hanging out in my bedroom/office/pit of mess.

Found some really awesome videos in the past month! Youtube is being weird and not letting me make a playlist, so here they are separately. Maybe I can fix it later.
The first one is really cool, but my friends think it is really annoying. It's from beatmania IIDX, a rhythm game that you play with your hands. They usually have music videos that play during the level, though they usually aren't fully animated like this. The animation on this is just really well done, the delayed eye blink, the squishy stylized tutus, gahhhh!!!
beatmania IIDX - smooooch・∀・

This is a music video by the band SOUR. They got their fans from around the world to help make it. The song is beautiful, and it's pretty dumbfounding how this was edited together. Check out the rest of the videos on this person's youtube page. They made other equally inspiring videos for SOUR. Like this one. Also this one too!
SOUR '日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)'

This video uses the tilt-shift technique. Everything in this video is real, no models were used. The edges of the lens is blurred to make objects appear smaller than they are. This song is also really good!
Tilt-Shift: Bathtub IV: Clementine - Washington

Here is the Smooch video one last time. It's so popular, fans are animating on top of it with their favorite characters. Here is the Dissidia version. Hee.

Thanks for all the recent birthday wishes! It was a super fun day, had a burger and some chocolate shake with beer in it at a haunted restaurant, then went and saw early experimental Jim Henson films! Jim Henson was crazy. Crazy good!
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