Monday, April 27, 2009

Time for cool videos!

Busy with stuff, but seen some neat videos online that are pretty inspiring!

The first one was found on Matt Youngberg's blog, and he actually has a post that goes into a bit more detail about this video. Matt always seems to find the neatest stuff. Go here to read info about it.

The following was apparently animated by mostly one person, Atsuya Uki. It is a trailer for a feature that will be coming out later this year.

Wolf and Pig.
A guy uses photos and his environment to make a funny animated video. There is also a pig.

Beaver welcomes drivers to Canada.
Do not worry, he will be ok.

Cellphone Caprice. Animation about cellphones annoying our everyday lives.

Röyksopp 'Happy Up Here' . I'm always late to the party, this song and video is really neato.

Jab Strong Fierce, Street Fighter Tribute Show, Gallery Nucleus opening night.
It was really packed!

k'bye for now.
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