Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Aprul Fuls!!

Why is this April Fool's? Because it was drawn by a fool!

I did not design Sari! Derrick Wyatt did! I got a few emails the past week for requests for Sari, since some people actually like her. Hey I do too! I'll wave my dork flag proudly, whatever. As far as drawing her, I've never drawn this version of her, ughhhhh....... Sari is owned by Hasbro, even though they will probably never make a toy of her or use her for fruit snacks.

Hey! It's Glyph! Derrick told me to put her up here. She was colored by Claire Lenth, who also does fabulous drawings! Bother her so she will actually post them!

These sketches were made while I was unemployed for five billion years. During that time Claire was also unemployed for a bit, so we would go hang out in this wonderful magic kingdom above an Anthropologie store, drinking tea along with Pinkberry yogurt. There was also much manga reading, and many copic and tria markers.

I drew some stuff that wasn't Transformers related then also. That is for another time. Oh! Skippy has a fan page too. Now he is much chubbier.

Glasses Bunny stares into your soul, he knows how you really feel.

Figured this out from Tom Perkins. Did you know you can embed graffiti from Facebook? I didn't cause I'm dumb. This is from a month ago. When I was inbetween jobs. ;)

Click the pony to watch it being born!

On a random note, I just found out my cousin has a bike named "Megatron". I think it's supposed to be named after her sister "Megan". They're both in college.
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