Sunday, October 05, 2008

Komodo dragon has a wonderful birthday party!

Real news that isn't important! Sorry if this offends anyone, but a lizard has to eat.

"Komodo Dragon celebrates its birthday
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
A Komodo Dragon celebrates his eighth birthday with what looks like the world's most horrible birthday cake - a meat feast topped with mice!"
Note: The Komodo dragon's name is "Krakatoa". Awesome.
My Mom sent this to me, wanting me to draw this amazing photograph. Personally, I think no artwork can compare to the real thing. Plus I've got stuff for other people that has to get done tonight, yeah, you Fayetteville. I totally owe you.
I'm also behind on bday drawings for some friends. :C None of them are for Krakatoa though, he is not my friend.

Here is something I drew awhile ago when I was sad. It's been a hard year for me art/working wise, but this month is looking very up. 2008 still has hope. I might be actually animating some freelance soon. 2D. Not feature, but still something that will be alot of fun to work on! Then I can afford my own meat/flattened mouse cake! YUM!
When times are tough, have to stick it out. There is still alot of good to look forward to.
Also, I am making gingerbread cookies tonight. Using dough that is sold at Ikea. Hmmmm.....
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