Sunday, April 06, 2008

Power in Numbers 3

It's that time of the year again. Power in Numbers 3 is Saturday 7-11pm, April 12-28. This year money raised will go to the
Make a Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles.
Pieces are all 5x7 and each will be $100. Go to to see the cool artists submiting art!
Below is my stupid, cartoony, immature piece. I haven't had alot of time for anything other than freelance lately so that's all there is. His name is Dainty. Dainty Giraffe. Hopefully he doesn't end up in the dust bin some where and actually raises some money. Or he will be a failure of an angel giraffe.

Here is a photo of my dog back home. She has a sheep on her head. Poor abused puppy!

I went to the Swallow's Parade at San Juan Capistrano last weekend. It was awesome but I forgot my camera. There was a bull walking down the street with a man standing on him. It was crazy!! Oh well.
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