Sunday, April 27, 2008

!!! !! ! ! ! !

Month old marker doodle of a random face.

Went to the dentist, thought I had a cavity. Turns out I was brushing my teeth wrong, making them sensitive. Only I would be capable of brushing my teeth wrong. They are healthy though.
Hung out with friends today, they are nice. They gave me Mario Kart! Yay! No time to play! Boo!!! (maybe Tuesday...)
Going to the beach tomorrow with Mary, maybe I will see some crabs, sand dollars, and seagulls.
A show got picked up! More freelance for me! YAY! May even have time this week for my own projects! This will be a good week! Exclamation point punch!
Special link of the week: Tecmo Secret of the Stars"
This was a game my brother and I played one summer, long, long ago. It sucked horribly, so bad, that we couldn't stop playing it. The Engrish was amazing, the plot made no sense, the monsters were completely stupid, and the box art was special in it's own way. We used an Etch-a-Sketch to keep track of where we were in the dungeons. We got close to beating it, but finally got bored. There is actually a naked lady towards the end you have to fight, but I doubt anybody else made it that far. Tecmo should have stuck to football games. By the way this video is great because the narrator has a fantastic accent.
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