Monday, March 19, 2007

A bazillion things!! (redux)

Ok Blogger sucks! For the first time ever, I lost an entire post. Thanks google.
anyway, here is it again sorta. Not like it's going to change the world.

Yay! Working for myself. Maybe if I make a note of it, it will guilt me into finishing it, and I'll realize how much time I'm not spending on it. Anyways, insomnia will have to hold off for now, family is visiting this week! Hooray!! Things to do this week!!

1. Go see "Wicked"! (Gwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!)
2. Go to Disneyland! (and see the Golden Book exhibit above the Pirates ride.)
3. Gallery shows of awesomeness (may not make these, but I will do my darnedness!!)
****Miss Mindy and CJ show: The Secret Lives of Dolls!****
****The Ancient Book of Myth and War!**** (I heard there are still spots available for a workshop the following day with the artists, for anyone who might be interested.)
4. Go see movies!
5. Go exploring!
6. Pet Skippy

On a catatonic note, meet Cwunchy, and his new friend. (thanks Rogelio, Cwunchy is awesome!)

I also got a chance to go to the Paul Driessen screening last Friday. The squishy sound effects he uses to go with his beautiful squishy animation are made with three day old macaroni!!

Now back to work. I'm sure Skippy has my entire marker/pen collection stuffed under the couch by now. Lovely.
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