Sunday, September 25, 2005


Random photos from the last few weeks. I love my new camera. 8D

Tonight I went to dinner at this wonderful Italian restuarant in Pasadena. The chandelier there was amazing. It had all this beautiful glass/crystal, and had silver charms hanging from it, along with forks and spoons. Charming indeed. It's hard to tell with these photos.


My cozy apartment...and Skippy sitting by the stereo. He thinks somebody lives in it. He either wants to be their friend, or to eat them.

This is where Skippy sleeps. Usually he is completey covered.

When he is awake, he is fully exposing himself.

A lovely evening jet stream seen from the Sherman Oaks Galleria.

A post-it on my cube door. This was in my fortune cookie last fall during a very, very, late work night. It explains the angst of that evening.

Some of the many Pinky Streets living on my desk. I have some Neon Genesis Evangelions too. They are koo..

This Nightmare looking guy is from the playstation 2 game, "Okage Shadow King". I haven't had time to play through. The designs are neat in the game. These toys are hard to find. I lucked out and found him at the video game store in the Burbank mall. He is the butler in the game for the Shadow King. The bad guy is the protagonist in the game.

Witches found at Comic Con. They are from an anime called "Tweeny Witches". I would like to watch that show someday. Seems interesting. (Beast Boy's foot is that white piece of paper)

Other stuff that has been going on this weekend. I went with Valerie to Stuart Ng's this weekend. We had dinner at this place called "Musha", a japanese pub. There is also one in Santa Monica. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! There is a large stone table everyone sits around, and you order appetizer type plates and share them with people in the rest of your group. It was the best meal I've had in awhile. Highly recommended.

I also saw "The Corpse Bride" this weekend. It was pretty good. I don't want to compare it to "Nightmare", but there wasn't as many bells and whistles in it. It was still a beautiful film, and there were alot of nice bits in it. It's dedicated to Joe Ranft, who tragically passed away recently. He was a very important talented story artist at Pixar. There was also a piano near the beginning of the film that had Harryhausen engraved on it. I would like to see it again just for the eye candy. The theatre we saw it in the sound levels were way distorted, so I do need to see it again. Couldn't tell what the characters were saying during the Bone Jangles song. POOP ON EDWARD'S THEATRES! Well, whoever worked on the movie, GOOD JOB!!! :D

I got to play the first "Katamari Damacy" game at Val's. She's right, the physics in that game are INSANE! Stoopid link of the day:

  • Hello Kitty race cars
  • This video is a tad disturbing.
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