Monday, September 19, 2005

He-man.......or Girly-man?

Here is a link found on
  •, one of the favoritest blogs for artists lately. They post nifty artwork daily. If you don't have time to blog surf for happiness, a quick trip here will wet your noodle brain. Anyways, here is the link,
  • Four Non Blondes He-man
  • . It's got some adult swim type humor going on, and if He-Man is your hero, I apologize. Otherwise, enjoy!

    A drawing a day keeps the carpal tunnel away.

    One more link for today,

  • Vyvan's Girl Show photos
  • . Thanks Vyvan for the fancy page!!

    OOooohh!! I found the katamari link I was looking for!

  • Katamari Indiana Jones
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