Monday, August 22, 2005

My teeth are pearly white!

I drink to much tea. That makes teeth not-so-white. The dentist cleaning lady made them shiny. SO LIFE IS GOOD!!! I finished my second piece for the girl show, it is a tiny drawing. I found a funky goldish frame at Aaron Bros. YAAAYYAAYYY!!! There is a new song on the radio. It is the old awesomest Zelda song ever!!! "Link. He go to town..." Everyone can listen to the music in the radio. It's just more Heather oriented. It's orientation is Heather. heh heh, heh. My radio likes boys. Is it a boy radio or a girl radio? Its orientation is a mystery. I am dog gone sleepy right now (it's not even midnight!) if that explains the weirdness.... Here is one of the pages I drawd at Pricilla's Sunday. The Llahso Apso hat is of special note. The rest is poopy poop.
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