Thursday, August 14, 2014

Makoto and the Meatball Head!

My pieces for the Meatball Head/Sailor Moon gallery show at Meltdown Comics, this Saturday!
I really wanted to make a larger piece that included all the scouts, but just didn't have time.  
Makoto "Cooking with Lightning" is in a 5x7 frame, "Mini Moon Me" is in a 9x12.

Link for this week's Harpy Gee update!

Harpy is going to be simultaneously hosted on next month, which means it'll have it's own little corner online!

Harpy also had a nice mention on io9 yesterday!  Apologies for the spelling error in the hosted image,   it'll be fixed in later editions of the comic.

If anyone is interested in a coffee mug, or book bag, my zazzle and red bubble stores have a few new items.

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