Friday, September 13, 2013

Doctor Lollipop!

Early this year, the lovely Aliki T. Grafft asked me to help with character designs on a short.
It was released yesterday on Cartoon Hangover, and is the creation of Miss Kelly Martin!

Look at all these unicorns from the past few years. 
Billie the Unicorn and her cousins,
Amethyst and her pegacorn,
Parry Gripp's Space Unicorn,
and finally Kelly Martin's Doctor Lollipop!

Here are some early Dr. Lollipop roughs, originally I thought he was more of a Ludwig Von Drake type, but when I found out he had a manly voice, that changed.
Then he became a bishounenicorn.

One of my coworkers started reading the original Amethyst comics, and has been sending me screen grabs of various comic book panels.  She's on the Jade arc right now, so it's really hard for me not too doodle the ridiculous drama.  Amy hasn't had real sleep in a week because of these morons and their problems.

Speaking of this coworker, follow Kathryn right now, she draws really cute superheroes!
(She also drew the model sheet for Dark Opal in his boxers)

Almost forgot, Derrick Wyatt sent me a blob fish photo on twitter, and then asked what a blob fish powers would be on Gemworld.  This is what happens when animation nerds look at fish photos I guess...

I'm so sorry...

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