Monday, September 05, 2011

A Store has Appeared!

I've been slowly fixing up Billie's website.  It's now a little spot with links to various spots online, including where to find prints!  I'm testing out Zazzle
I'd like to offer one new print a month there, and then replace it with a new one the following month.  If anyone would like to request an old piece of art to be made as a print, please let me know.
No Fanart requests please.
I'm too busy to be able to make regular trips to the post office, so hopefully this is a good solution to those who've been wanting art.  :)

Still super busy at work.  Drawin' for da man, can't post any of it.    I did draw on some post-its early August.  These drawings are the few frivolous sketches I've pooped out in awhile.  It was a nice three day weekend for those of us in the U.S.
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