Sunday, October 03, 2010

This week's Poop brought to you by the letter Pee.

Derpa derpa doo doo.

I drew a girl on a post-it looking annoyed. What else is new?

Cartoon Network has started airing new episodes of "Batman, the Brave and the Bold" on Friday nights. I got to board on some of those.
Disney XD is going to start airing "Avengers" October 20th. I started on episode 18 and on, drawing some characters. Lots of people running around in their underwear. And who doesn't love underwear?

If you do like super heroes, aliens, and other odd critters, please check out my friend's app! He is drawing many Avengers for you, please contribute to his coffee and Subway sandwich fund! Thomas Perkins: A Collection of Odd Folk!!
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