Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 is fun time.

Here is a bday present for a friend. His name is Professor Tibbles. He is an intelligent kitty.

Thanks everyone for the nice compliments on "Love Shine". I hope more people will try making their own films. The hardest thing to do is find the time, second is dealing with computer troubles, but alot of the fun is getting through problems and actually seeing it come together. It was really nostalgic to be spending time on a film, I really enjoyed making them in school, and hopefully can make some with my friends in the future. It is good to know that it can be done without having to work at a fancy studio, although that would be nice. What work I had gotten last year, most I couldn't post. It feels good to be able to have something to show for the past year, no matter how crude it is. I can at least keep animation as a hobby, no matter what happens. Never going to make another minute and a half short in two weeks again. That was REALLY STUPID! I did not sleep, and got a huge knot in my back that hurts! Also the pay is horrible!
Here is some stuffs, since some people wanted to know how I put it together.
"Love Shine" sketches and oddities, andframe grabs for anyone into that sort of thing.

Here is the animatic I used as a guide. I did make some chicken scratch thumbnails in my sketchbook first. Then I drew it in Photoshop, dumped it in Premiere, and dumped it in Flash as a guide. It's pretty gross, but it's an easy way to keep on track. Hopefully it doesn't offend any board artists that actually know what they are doing.

Here are a bunch of random videos, because it is 2009.

Some Christmas photos that will be boring to people who aren't related to me.
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