Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Warrior

Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the USA. It is a day we give thanks. Thankful that we can be with friends and family, eat to much food, and go to sleep at 4pm. We are even more thankful, because when the pilgrims first settled here, they had to fight a great war against giant turkeys. Lucky for us they won. It was hard, but if some of the pilgrims hadn't been able to tame and domesticate some of the turkeys, all would have been lost. Since that time, it was discovered the turkeys were quite delicious, so we don't use them in turkey jousts anymore. Here are some videos reenacting some of the turkey battles.
The Battle of Gravy Boat Lake
Turkeys can be dangerous!

The End.
I went to a Q and A screening of "Ratatouille" the other night. This quote was funny:
"Brad Bird with Pixar is like playing "Doom" in God Mode."
-Patton Oswalt

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