Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Return from the Land of Monsters

....or the land of busy Bree.

Sorry, haven't been around last few weeks. Currently catching up with old email this week. Been SUPER busy with work, freelance, and stuff that can't be posted. Have come to the conclusion that I can't really go more than a couple of days without sleep like in college. Stomach flu has been going around at work, haven't caught it yet, but had a nasty cold, and sneezed all over alot of people, Skippy, and guinea pigs.
So the last couple of days of free time I was trying to draw monsters. Somehow it turned into a group of people living in a land of monsters, and apparantly there is some sort of drama. And a little monster with a backwards baseball cap. I guess doodling isn't much different than a kid playing with their toys making up stories. Ahiru/Duck (girl with the reddish braid) is from "Princess Tutu". I drew her first 'cause I was seeing if I could draw her on model, but her hands are jacked up,her head is way too big, and her legs need to be straighter. Almost just drew over her, but it was too fun coloring everything. Ramble ramble ramble...

Back to monsters...

A bunch of my friends have had babies recently. Congrats on the newest baby boy! Another friend's baby is turning one this weekend, congrats to you too baby. Make sure to drink lots of milk with those edible crayons.
All of the babies I know are cute and happy. They are not greasy babies. The greasy babies were drawn during a phone conversation with a friend, and the topic was "everyone is having a baby!".

Hey, this is what my computer has been doing to me lately. Is it a graphic card problem? Everything else works fine, and it's not like this all the time. It goes away after twenty minutes or so. Poor Dell is five years old. I have been cheating on him with my manly Cintiq at work. Poor guy.

Things that are going on:
Fusion Junction 2 art show at Robocon in Chinatown, LA this Saturday.
New kids book out. I might be working with the publisher on something, if I don't screw it up. <:P
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