Friday, July 14, 2006

ComIck Con nerd quest-o-thon 2006 super deluxo edition with sprinkles


I am going there with some fellow nerd girls. Maybe we shall see more of San Diego than just the convention center? Some people asked if I'm going to have anything new there. Not really. But if you have money to burn and are into that sort of thing, Stuart Ng's booth should have copies of sketchbooks "Banana Cat" and the really old shitty "Oxytocin" for sale. Nucleus' booth might have copies of the sketchbooks too, along with "Pirouette" and "Arrow Bird" prints. Sell Out R Me.
There is alot of stuff to see and do. On Saturday, there's this for those who are interested:
Sat. 7:00-9:00 The Batman Q&A, followed by Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo World Premiere Screening.

There are plans for a Martha Baxton auction. Martha is like the den mother for many Calarts animation grads, and her husband became ill recently. Some of the students have banded together to help raise some funds to try to make life a little easier for Martha and her husband. More up to date info here.

Just heard that Tria maybe discontinuing some of their marker colors. I couldn't find much info online about it, but mentions the line is being revamped, and that the new markers will not correspond to the Pantone matching system. Yippie. :C Guess Leo Hobaica was right. I need to start painting with gouache.

Monday, I went to Disneyland. They have an Asimo exhibit in Tomorrow Land, but my camera doesn't want to talk to my computer.(I'm stupid, I got it to work. Lame Disneyland photos here). Luckily, Youtube has a better video anyway. They are coming so close to jumping off the stage and strangling humans. Oh Asimo, you are so cute.

All nerds have a safe trip during your migration down south. Remember to bathe every day!!!!!
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